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Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction

Say little and do much:

Shammai c.1st centuryBC-1st centuryAD Jewish scholar and teacher.


When I first came across flash fiction I thought how hard can that be. 

I wish I could stop having those kind of thoughts.

It is far harder to write something coherent in a few words that is full of meaning and I bow down to those that do it so much better than I.

Here are a few of my pieces, which, although not great, gave me loads of fun torturing them into a small package.



The pink plastic scooter bobs in the waves then tumbles and crashes against the sea wall before being carried out on the dark water.
            The mother turns and looks back along the promenade, her movements agitated as she searches for her child. The wind rips the scream from her mouth as she leans over the paint peeled rails and sees the bobbing scooter.
            I watch her search the restless waves, desperate to see a flash of pigtails, the glint of a pink cardigan or the shimmer of flesh. The waves don’t throw up any hope, just pieces of drift wood and plastic bags.
            Turning the ignition, I watch as a couple of students and an old man go to the mother’s side. Her arms wave about pointing along the promenade and then directing their attention back to the bobbing scooter.
           The engine purrs into life and no one notices as I drive us away.