Chris Williams Writer

Crimes, like virtues, are their own rewards.

The Inconstant 1702 act4, sc2


I have always written, my earliest recollection is writing a play for a puppet theatre when I was in the Brownies. I seem to remember it had a wayward butler who was never where he should be. Various other puppets spent the entire performance calling for him. It did make the other mums laugh and even though I am not sure that was my intention it seems to be the way my writing has gone.
When I moved into, real people, plays, I found the same thing was happening, I was writing about the dreadful deed of murder and the audience were laughing. Apparently, it's my black humour, hey ho.
Others just call it sick !!!
I have had several poems published in various anthologies. I have also been paid for writing articles, always a bonus. I even came second in the Minsterley Eisteddfod with a story.
Now I concentrate more on crime and erotica. Both give me great pleasure to write and although I would love to get some of the work published I'm more interested in having fun with my characters and putting them through hell.

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