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All the world's a stage:

Shakespeare: As You Like It 1599 act2 sc7 line 139



 Sometimes one should learn to keep ones mouth shut, especially after partaking of one to many wines.


Unfortunately, that's not my way and when I went with a local amateur dramatic company to a murder mystery play I inadvertently blurted out that I could write something better.
With the challenge thrown down, they were quick to take it up and asked me to write a play for them, which I drunkenly said, was not a problem.
This happened in July 2002, around the December I had a phone call asking how the play was progressing, as they wanted to go to rehearsal in January 2003
Now those of you that are writers will understand that you can never miss a dead line, no matter what. I'd said I'd write a play and so that was what I was going to do. 



Not a problem, I lied. 


Nearly finished, I fibbed.
No Enemy but Time 2006
Then began a frantic six weeks, I had no idea how to write a murder mystery play, I cursed the drink and swore never to let another drop touch my lips. Don't be fooled here, it may sound as though I drink a lot, on the night when I brazenly said I could write a better play I'd only had two glasses of wine, it just goes straight to my head.
When the second week of January arrived, I produced the finished play and went to its read through. It was the next best thing to giving birth, my characters went from 2D to 3D and it was magical. With a couple of tweaks, the play went into rehearsal and as they say the rest is history.
Since 2003, I have written over twenty plays, which have all been performed. Most of my plays are set in the 1940’s with Inspector Coal and Sergeant Scuttle. I chose the forties because it limits the use of forensics, so the police have to rely more on their wits and experience.
A friend and I put together a production company called The Runcible Moon, we have staged plays on a moving steam train, in a marquee, in a stately home and in a variety of halls and centres.

Murder on the Llanfair Line 2004

I am in the process of putting the plays into a book. Hope to get it finished shortly, if I don't produce something soon give me a poke to get on with it please. 



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